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SkullBrothers to Play ‘Sea of Thieves’ for the XBOX ONE

  Excitement  for the upcoming SkullBrothers’ adventures is brewing.  War and I will be delving on the new ‘Sea of Thieves’ game when it is released towards the end of next month.  We will be live casting on twitch.  Be sure to join us on XBOX One!  The SkullBrothers crew will sail the seas in […]

Ziggy and War of the SkullBrothers are Gearing UP for The Official First Season!

  I wanted to write to all of you out there who love and/or fear me, which is pretty much everyone.  As you all know, a world of video games is upon us and so gave rise to the SkullBrother Clan, warriors of the virtual dimension.  War and I were created for such things.  Our […]