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SkullBrothers to Play ‘Sea of Thieves’ for the XBOX ONE


Excitement  for the upcoming SkullBrothers’ adventures is brewing.  War and I will be delving on the new ‘Sea of Thieves’ game when it is released towards the end of next month.  We will be live casting on twitch.  Be sure to join us on XBOX One!  The SkullBrothers crew will sail the seas in this high adventure sandbox game!!  “All aboard maties!!”

I’ve spoken to War recently and he assured me we are good to go.  I’m super excited for this title it has been a long time since the SKB has taken on a game together.  War is a great competitor and I always look forward to being on a team with him.  Forming up for some PVP will no doubt be epic as ever.

‘Sea of Thieves’ seems loaded with fun.  We are hoping the gameplay and controls are as geared for all out mayhem as the pre-release footage has us believing.  Years ago War and I talked about how we longed for a game that would let us sale the seas in a pirate ship.  We dreamed of a Grand Theft Auto type high sea adventuring.  We are hoping there are some survival elements to the game that will encourage people to work together to survive a bit like ARC.

A title like this has been a long time coming and I’m glad the wait is almost over!!  I will be going into greater deal of our hopes and expectations for this AAA title by Rare.

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