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A tribute to fellow SkullBrothers and gaming. Thank you for reading!


Thank you for visiting!  I’m Ziggy Skull.  Video games have been my passion since 1985.  I have logged more than 10,000 hours on consoles, desktops and mobile devices.  As gaming communities have grown I’ve met lots of other gamers and eventually several of us united to share the experience.  We created SkullBrothers to explore games together in search of the best and most enjoyable titles.

We are always on the look out for the next game that will require our complete devotion.  In truth they are few and far between, most of the time we are shuffling four or five games in anticipation of the next release that promises to fulfill our tall order of features, game-play, story and graphics.  Most of us prefer games with undertones of dark fantasy, horror or survival settings, but that doesn’t stop us from exploring as many games as possible.  Gaming is more than a hobby, it’s a life style.

SkullBrothers is currently accepting new members who’d like to participate in co-op and multiplayer games.  Please email me at saaggs@hotmail.com if interested.  We are a friendly group of open gamers who strive for gaming excellence.  Look forward to gaming with you.

My current list of recent played games:

Console –

  • EA Sports NHL 2018 — EA Sports Hockey League is one of my favorites settings of any game.  My hockey club has consistently made it to Div 1 for the last several seasons.  Play a single position with upto 11 other players on the ice.  Intense non-stop battles.  Just pure fun.
  • ARK Survival Evolved — we have a wonderful private, dedicated clan server.  This is a beast of a game.  Set a new standard for me.  Highly recommended if you have 20+ hours a week to dedicate to gaming.
  • Shadows of Mordor — The game-play is really a new standard that needs to be upheld.  Also the self assigning AI is nothing less than impressive.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands — Grand Theft Auto sandbox style with more focus on stealth infiltration and the first person shooter platform.
  • Forza Horizon 3 — the open world makes this my favorite Forza series
  • Forza Motorsports 6 — some of our oldest members are also into cars and belong to car clubs.  Forza is something we visit with nearly every new release.

PC –

  • Rust — this was the last game I binged on PC.  Even though it will never release, I had the most scary moment I’ve ever experienced in a video game with this title.

Phone –

  • Toon Blast
  • Power Pop Bubbles
  • Knock Down
  • Paper Toss
  • WoodBall
  • Stickman Base Jumper
  • Stickman Ice Hockey
  • EA Star Wars Heroes
  • War and Magic
  • Planet Commander
  • Revolution
  • King of Avalon
  • Army Men Strike
  • War Wings
  • Star Trek
  • Legendary Game of Heroes
  • Arena of Valor
  • Hustle Castle
  • Astro Nest
  • Dawn of Titans

I go through a lot of phone games.  Most of them don’t hold my attention.  I’m a huge believer that the approach to mobile device games needs to be entirely rethought.  Most of these games weren’t worth the time to download them.  The pay to win phone frenzy really puts a damper on games.  Many games you can spend a thousand dollars and they just hit you up for two thousand to get any better than spending a thousand in the first place.  I end up trying a lot of games but not sticking with any.  In the end no ones getting paid or having any fun.  The current pipeline is a loose-loose for both the consumer and the developers.

Other Games Worth Mentioning –

  • Age of Conan — one of the greatest games ever created in my opinion, if only more games would model themselves after the graphics and first 20 levels of this game.  The release disaster killed one of the best titles ever made.
  • Starwars Galaxies — the customization and the total amount of player made cities, vehicles and spaceships with fully customizable interiors still leaves me longing for something from almost every other game even today.
  • Medievia Online — this was a mudd game if you know what those are.  They are entirely composed of words.  This game was WoW without graphics well before WoW was even a thought.  If only modern day MMO’s would be more like this game with graphics.
  • EVE — have to be into this one, if they had customizable interiors and the ability to land on a planet and buy or craft buildings with an RPG first or third person element and this game would have been the most in-depth game ever created.

There are tons more, but these four stick out in my mind as games that helped me define what makes a special game compared to an average game for me.