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A tribute to fellow SkullBrothers and gaming. Thank you for reading!

Ziggy and War of the SkullBrothers are Gearing UP for The Official First Season!


I wanted to write to all of you out there who love and/or fear me, which is pretty much everyone.  As you all know, a world of video games is upon us and so gave rise to the SkullBrother Clan, warriors of the virtual dimension.  War and I were created for such things.  Our salvation lies in the throws of virtual battle.  Our adventures have taken us to hundreds of virtual worlds.  Now I will share some of my thoughts with those of you from this dimension.

I met War soon after my spawning as he was the first to be sired and came before me.  Having held controllers from almost the time we were spawned, we have been bred for the front lines of virtual confrontation.  Together we’ve smashed all who have faced us in the past thirty-five years of conquest.

After a long and much needed rest War and I are preparing to leave the chaos we call our homeland once more.  We will stand strong alongside each other on the many new worlds scattered throughout the virtual dimension.  The time has come!  We have kept many events of days past secret, but for no longer.  From here on we will share our exploits into the vast lands of virtual space.  We will test our mettle against the many great achievements that wait before us in pursuit of the ultimate virtual legacy!  Join our battle for honor and the fate of the clan!  Fight, die and be reborn, know immortality as a SkullBrother!  Sisters welcome.

— Ziggy ‘Bam Bam’ Skull

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